Naltrexone Can Help You!

Anyone addicted to opiates has gone through a few moments when they realized they have a problem. Sometimes it’s when they’re nearing the end of a bottle of pills and panic, unsure whether they’ll get more before they finish what they have. Other times, they try to quit opioids cold turkey and find the withdrawal symptoms and craving to be too much to bear. Occasionally, the realization happens after being injured during a blackout or seizure. The worst of these moments for many is when a family member or close friend tells them to seek help.

Still, if you want to rehabilitate from your opioid addiction, you might think you don’t have a way to do so. Let’s be honest here,

Not everyone has the time to go through rehab.

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Because of that, you might think your only option is to keep using those painkillers until you’ve found a way to take weeks or months off work. But that’s not likely to happen, is it?

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But even if you don’t think you’ll ever have time to spend at an inpatient rehab center to help end your opioid addiction, there’s another way to treat opioid addiction, and it’s called Naltrexone. Best of all –

Naltrexone is more effective than rehab.

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This is because the Naltrexone implant actually works to actively quell your addiction by filling up the opioid receptors in your brain. To put that another way, your brain gets tricked into thinking you’ve already taken opioids. But it does so without all the, you know, addiction and danger from actually taking opioids.

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And since Naltrexone inhibits those opioid receptors, taking opioids while Naltrexone is in your system means not feeling any euphoria or sedation. And without being able to get high from narcotics like heroin, codeine, morphine, and oxycodone, rates of relapse are lower than with other addiction treatments.

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All this being said, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard of Naltrexone before. And if you have, you probably don’t know much about it. There’s a pretty obvious reason that’s the case – it cuts directly into the profits of pharmaceutical companies. Where opioids can lead to a lifetime of use, abuse, and addiction – and thereby years, if not decades, of pharmaceutical cash flow, Naltrexone is used over a brief period of time and then it’s over. There’s no long-term financial incentive for companies, or even some medical establishments, to really suggest Naltrexone to addicts.

The thing is, though, that with your opioid addiction, there are more benefits and incentives for taking Naltrexone than anything else you could choose. Not only will taking it mean breaking an addiction that can cause all sorts of personal issues and financial issues, but you’ll also end the risk of any legal action that can be possible if you’re obtaining opioids illegally whether buying it on the street or “shopping around” between different doctors. That being said, there’s one incentive that beats everything else, and it’s how

Naltrexone could be the difference between life and death.

Don’t become just another statistic in the opioid epidemic, call now to learn more about Naltrexone and end your addiction for good.

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What is VIVITROL®?

When used as part of the addiction counseling process, VIVITROL® can help to prevent opioids addiction relapse following the detox process. In addition to the treatment of opioid dependence, VIVITROL® may also be used to help fight alcohol abuse and addiction. Please contact us to request more information on how this may be included in your current treatment plan.