Is Christian Drug Rehab Even Important?


Deciding which drug rehab facility or treatment program would be best suited for yourself or a loved one can be a tough decision to make. Here at Serenity Placement, we help you make that tough decision. Addiction recovery can be a long journey and requires the best care and professional help available. One of the most difficult decisions to make concerning a rehab program is either a secular center where no religion is involved or a Christian faith-based program, based on religious teachings and principles.

No matter which program or facility you choose, each will provide similar facilities ranging from trained professional medical staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week attending to all your needs, to professionals constantly assessing participants during their recovery stages.

Both Christian based and secular facilities you will receive a variety of treatments customized to address all your underlying emotional needs. Many participants receiving treatment usually have underlying psychological health conditions that can potentially prevent them from recovering. The majority of patients who suffer from substance abuse usually struggle with  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, mood and anxiety disorders. Physical needs and disorders are also catered for in a professional manner.

Substance abuse robs your body of all vital nutrients that your body needs to function normally that’s why choosing a treatment center with high standards, offering a variety of activities, will ensure that both your physical and emotional needs are taken care of in a very professional manner.

Improving your physical strength means that your body will produce endorphins that help improve your mood and well being. Physical activities that we offer are hiking trails out in nature, meditation, a fully kitted gym, aerobics and yoga classes. All the activities that we offer will give your mind and body a totally new feel, leaving you wanting more.

Taking care of your physical well- being will have a knock-on effect that will boost your mental well-being and lift your mood as well.

Our professionally trained staff will work with you to develop an aftercare strategy to help you move to a more sober way of living, making the transition less stressful and bearable.

As an added bonus our trained addiction professionals can guide you should you need further help with marriage or family counseling or therapy, to help you repair the damage caused by your addiction.

Following the Christian faith does not bound you to only begin your journey to recovery at a faith centered rehab program. Non-faith-based programs help addicts just as well as a faith centered facility.

The difference between a secular facility and a Christian based program is the faith-based approach used.

Biblical principles are applied at Christian based treatment centers, often also following the 12 step process, which includes: admitting you have done wrong, taking responsibility, followed by asking for forgiveness. Physical and emotional needs are also met at these types of facilities.

Christian rehab programs are best suited to deal with matters relating to guilt, something that disturbs many addicts. When your body has become fully detoxed, it’s common for you to feel responsible for hurting those around you while you have been taking part in substance abuse. A mother who is a recovered heroin addict feels guilty for leaving her children unattended while she was out taking drugs.

Christian based treatment centers are unique in a sense that they help addicts to ask God for forgiveness and then work on asking for forgiveness from family and friends. These programs aim to work on forgiving, as unforgiveness could be something that will be hard to deal with at a later stage, and can lead to a relapse. It is of utmost importance for these programs to work on stopping addicts from returning to substance abuse.

Christian based treatment centers offer spiritual services such as Bible study, spiritually based support groups, personal prayer and devotional time. An abundance of quiet time can be expected for meditation and reflection to assist you on your road to recovery.

Christian therapy centers can be ideal if you have a financial crisis but require substance abuse rehabilitation. Most Christian based facilities are funded through non-profit organizations or religious groups who help people with the funding that they receive, thus allowing them to assist you with a good quality program at a reduced fee.

While these types of rehab programs have helped thousands of addicts recover, it may not be for you based on the following reasons:

Have you been raised in a home that defined God as a punisher for your bad deeds? Then surely such a program will not be suitable for you as Christian principles might make you feel uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to remain focused on receiving treatment

Have you attempted attending a Christian based rehab in the past? If so, then achieving a substance-free journey would be much more difficult for you to achieve. Do not attempt to force yourself on such a treatment program as it will surely fail

The road to recovery is definitely a long journey, but given the correct treatment and help from a professionally trained team, you are sure to become substance abuse free in due time.

Make a decision today to start your recovery journey on a program that feels right.

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