How do I get into Transitional Housing?

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If addiction recovery is the stage that you are in, then you have probably come across people speaking about transitional housing. Recovering addicts in need of a safe place to live after rehab usually opt for this program. People from all walks of life choose to live in this housing project as it helps them to get back on their feet and begin a new life for themselves. Contact Serenity Placement today for direction into a new path.

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Transitional housing through serenity placement is a residence that assists recovery addicts who move from a rehab to a housing project. It allows people to get used to functioning in an unfamiliar environment without the addictions they’ve just recovered from. Most recovering addicts function better when they have made a transition from a restrictive environment to a less strict environment. It is particularly important to remember that such an environment is for people in transition. This generally means that they are transitioning from a bad situation to a better situation or environment. These types of housing projects are also funded by the government.

Transitional housing offers a structured environment, which helps recovering addicts to plan their day to day living, thus leaving them with less time to relapse or think about returning to substance abuse. Many people return to old habits due to a lack of structure in their day to day routines.

For Help Finding a Rehab Center for You or a Loved One, Call: 855-750-5984

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This type of housing offers a safe new environment from the one that was used to while on substance abuse. Some people use substances as a coping mechanism due to the unsafe conditions that they might be living in. The types of environments that such people come from often have unsupportive families or are shared with other addicts. Other people come out of prisons and psychiatric facilities.

Sometimes a change of environment and scenery helps to keep recovered addicts from relapsing. Transitional housing plays a big part in getting these people back into society with a level head and drug-free. Living in a similar space as other recovering addicts helps you on your journey to a life free from alcohol or substance abuse, it also helps you to feel like you not alone and less afraid of returning home.

Transitional housing helps you to put your newly learnt skills to use and acts as a short course on how to get back to living in society. Coping skills and any other skills learnt while in rehab can be practiced in the real world.  This type of housing also has a manager who lives onsite to manage the day to day activities. Managers can also take on roles as coordinators, coaches and counselors.

Various studies have shown that transitional housing is a positive way forward for recovering addicts to get their lives back on track. The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs had an article that proved that with a positive social network and time spent in transitional housing, recovering addicts enjoyed better outcomes in a number of areas of their new lives. People who lived in a sober environment or transitional housing were more likely to remain sober, employed and avoid being arrested. Are you or a loved one attempting to start a new life free of drug or alcohol abuse, help is available at Serenity placement. Transitional housing may just be the opportunity you need to turn things around in your life. A supportive atmosphere, structured environment and the convenience of having a home to transition into can help you bridge the gap from rehabilitation to a normal life in your own time.

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