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Chocolate, Coffee, Heroin, and Crack

In conversations every day around us, you will hear people say they are addicted to some substance or another with a little bit of a chuckle behind their words. They will deliver their line like they think they are making a clever joke when they say things like they’re addicted to chocolate, or that nobody should talk to them until they have had their first cup of coffee for the day because they “can’t function without that caffeine.”

drug addiction could be killing you

The thing is, though, that they’re completely trivializing just how intense and dangerous real addictions can be. Sure, people can develop addictive traits to relatively harmless substances, but the overabundance of the way we joke about addiction is watering down the severity of the situation for those who’re addicted to substances that can, and often does,

lead to the user’s death.

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It’s insane that it has to be said at this point, but having an addiction to chocolate, coffee, or cake is not anything like an addiction to drugs like heroin, crystal meth, medical-grade opioids (fentanyl, oxycodone, etc), amphetamines, and crack.

If you have too much cake, you’ll spend the rest of the day feeling a little guilty about doing so. If you take too much heroin, you could go into a seizure, stop breathing, or have a serious accident.  In some cases, overdosing on

heroin can stop your heart while you’re unconscious.

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The thing is, though, that many drug addicts feel like they’re invincible or that if they die it doesn’t matter. The mindset there is along the lines of, “It’s fine if I die, it’s not like I have to deal with it.” And while that selfishly nihilistic point of view might make some kind of sense to some people, it totally disregards the fact that not everyone who’s injured or overdoses dies.

Instead, they end up with things like brain damage, blood disorders, mental illness, loss of motor functions, stroke, diminished organ capability, and other chronic afflictions that can be incredibly painful or intrusive to everyday living.

If there’s one thing you can be certain of, it’s that

rehab is far better than disability, jail or death…

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get help with your opiate or heroin addiction

If you or a family member is abusing drugs and an addiction is forming or has already taken hold, you can’t wait until the consequences start to become painfully visible. By then, permanent damage already starts being a possibility, especially in regards to matters of the brain and emotions.

Waiting puts everyone at risk.

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