All About 6 Month Rehab Facilities


Long-term rehab centers mainly focus on recovery processes to assist addicts to regain a sober way of life in an effective manner. The main focus of such rehab centers is to get patients to function as productive citizens of society without the need for drugs or alcohol. Addicts are assisted to regain confidence, a sense of responsibility and their self- respect.

For patients to achieve these goals, treatment centers are set up in such a manner to simulate a real sense of community. When patients have successfully completed their rehabilitation processes, then they are allowed more freedom within the rehab treatment center. Teenagers are offered community high schools and colleges within some rehab centers. Some people might be offered work within their rehab centers while they undergoing rehabilitation. They might also be given responsibilities to undertake chores to help them get trained up before returning home after their rehab process has completed.

Extended rehab treatment can last anything from 4 months to 6 months, sometimes longer. Some addicts require a longer period of intense treatment to assist in treating extended periods of substance abuse or alcoholism. Most of the time drug and alcohol addiction does not happen overnight and requires a few months of rehabilitation.

Substance and alcohol abuse is a disease that has major effects on your mental and physical well being. No single form of treatment will treat everyone similarly, the effects might work for some individuals in a short space of time, while needed a few added months for others. Some people might need a longer-term rehab program in order for them to remain sober in their habits.

A long-term substance abuse treatment plan is usually split into 3 different stages, consisting of detoxing, rehab therapy, and aftercare assistance. Inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities provided different approaches to treatment available. Short term substance abuse treatment is usually taken care of in an outpatient rehab facility. Long-term rehabilitation programs offer onsite accommodation, to deal with an ongoing prolonged addiction to alcohol and drug abuse.

Longer term therapy or rehab usually includes a few days of detox monitoring, followed by 90 to 270 days of vigorous substance abuse treatment, followed by aftercare planning. This form of treatment is ideal for addicts with severe cases of long-standing addictions and underlying mental health problems. These types of centers also assist with teenage substance abuse addictions.

The treatment process begins with detoxing which gets the patient to stop using drugs and alcohol. The patient receives supervision and support along the way that can include drug replacement therapy, gradual drug reduction therapy or medically assisted detoxing.

These types of treatments are used to oversee any potentially harmful withdrawal symptoms while the process of takes effect and the patient’s body adjusts to normal function without drugs or alcohol. The process of detoxing can affect any existing medical conditions that the patient may already have had.

Detoxing is the first stage of recovery and is followed by a longer-term therapeutic rehab program such as Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) , Motivational interviewing, Contingency Management and multidimensional family therapy.

Activities such as outreach programs, hiking and walks in nature are offered as part of long-term rehab programs. Patients can also take part in skills development, sports and activities and get educated on how to find employment once their treatment ends, within the rehab center.

Some rehab centers also offer activities such as Tai chi, spa treatments and massages, nutritional consultation and meditation sessions.

Trauma workshops, Hypnotherapy, Art and music therapy support groups and Anger management are some addiction treatments offered by more private rehab centers.

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