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Pittsburgh Alcohol Addiction Can Affect More Than Your Health And The People Around You

When you were finally brave enough to call us at Serenity Placement and get alcohol treatment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for yourself it is because you didn’t want to live the life that you were living anymore. You realized that you were hurting so many people around you and that you had to go get the right kind of help in order to address the problem in the way that it needed to be. Once you got into rehab and started dealing with things, you realized all the damage that you have done to yourself.

There are a lot of things that alcoholism will do to you that are going to be difficult to repair.

  • Once you get sober, you are going to feel a lot of guilt for all the things that you have put your friends and loved ones through. You are also going to feel guilty for the things that you have done while you were sick. This guilt is going to take time to get over and it starts with admitting what has been done, knowing that it cannot be changed, and all that can be done is to improve yourself from here on out.
  • You can really have problems with low self-esteem. Some people go through feelings of not feeling like they are worthy of living a good life after the things that they have done. Some of them will feel bad about themselves for a long time. It will take therapy and time in order to heal those wounds and repair the damage that has been done.
  • It can also strip away the confidence that you had. We at Serenity Placement have helped people find the help they need and that first step takes a lot of confidence in knowing that you can do it. It is going to be hard and scary because there is no telling what the future is going to hold for you but as you progress on your road to recovery, your confidence will increase. Your outward confidence was linked to how much alcohol you drank and now you have to find it in other places.

There is a lot of damage that is caused by addiction, but nothing is impossible to come back from. It may be difficult but we at Serenity Placement can help to make sure that you get the help and the tools that you need in order to become a new person. These emotional scars are going to take time to repair but nothing is impossible when you put in the right type of effort.

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