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After you have come to us at Serenity Placement to find alcohol treatment in Fort Worth, Texas for someone that you love, the road to healing doesn’t stop there. The family members and loved ones of the person suffering from the addiction may have issues and trauma stemming from the addiction that they need to deal with as well. Part of supporting their loved one in recovery is getting the help that they need to recover from the situation as well. Many times, family members and loved ones can develop a certain level of codependency.

It is possible that the loved ones may have developed codependency and they don’t even realize it. Here are some of the signs that you have created a codependent relationship with the addict.

  • You may have developed a feeling of obligation or being trapped in this relationship. You may feel like it is your responsibility to help take care of this person and to try and help them to get better. You may feel like this person is never going to get better without your help.
  • You may also be trying to hide their issue and keeping it a secret from as many people as possible. This also coincides with worrying about other people’s opinions of you and your family if they knew there was an issue such as alcoholism. You may be trying to keep up the person’s reputation when they have lost care for it a long time ago.
  • It may also be very possible that you are codependent if you are will to make great sacrifices for the benefit of this other person. You are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them out of trouble or to make them happy. This may even involve getting them alcohol and enabling their ability to drink.
  • When you are involved in a codependent relationship, it is also difficult to say no to this person, for whatever reason. They may make demands of you that are taking your time and energy away from other responsibilities and you feel like you are unable to say no.

Codependency requires its own therapies and healing process as well. When you are working on your codependency while your loved one is in alcohol treatment, it can create an incredibly healthy environment when they get home. This is one of the reasons why they say that addiction is a family disease.

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