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Cincinnati Alcohol Addiction: Helping or Enabling

One of the hardest things in the world is to watch someone that we love go through an alcohol addiction and watch it tear apart their life. We, as loved ones, want so bad to be able to help them get into a program for alcohol treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio so they can get sober. There are times when we are trying to help, but what we are actually doing is enabling them to continue living their addiction. Enabling is something that most loved ones don’t even realize that they are doing and it is going to hurt the situation more than it will ever help.

Professional Alcoholism Help in Cincinnati

Enabling an addict is when we do things for them that they can and should be doing for themselves. It is the act of making it possible for them to continuing living the way that they are living and they do not feel any consequences for it. Things such as continuing to take care of the person while they stay at home and drink or figure out how to pay the bills while they spend money on alcohol are ways that we can be enabling them. When we enable someone, we are allowing them to be an addict and we are the ones that feel the repercussions of their actions.

Breaking the Cycle of Alcohol Abuse

The hardest part of breaking this cycle is what needs to be done to stop the cycle of enabling them to drink. When we start to hold them accountable or make them deal with the consequences, we can begin the process of truly helping. If we were to let them be left alone in a house with no lights and no cable, they may begin to see the things that they are doing. If the enabler were to break off the relationship and take their kids away, they would see that their addiction would have consequences and that it is causing their loved one’s pain.

We Can Help Find Alcohol Rehab for Cincinnati Residents

It is the hope that finally, the person who is struggling with this addiction to alcohol would be ready to call us at Serenity Placement so that they can find the help that they need. The road to sobriety and a healthy life only works when an addict’s problem becomes their problem and they are faced with what they are doing to themselves and the people around them. They have to want to help themselves because if they don’t want to get sober they won’t.

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