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Chicago Alcohol Abuse: Noticing the Signs of Addiction

Alcohol addiction is the type of thing that can tear a person and their family apart. It can sneak up on a person and they may not even notice that it is happening. It can happen to anyone at any time in life, no matter of age, sex, race, or religion. It can be difficult for the person who is going through it to notice that it is happening or may be in denial about it. Their family and loved ones may be able to notice the signs as it is getting worse and worse. We at Serenity Placement understand the difficulties of what it is that you are going through.

How to Spot Someone Struggling with Alcoholism

There is a wide range of different signs that can be indicative of an alcohol addiction that can be seen.

  • People may begin to use alcohol more and more as a way to feel better or to relax. They may feel like that is the only way that they can relax and let go of the stresses of their life. This can be a sign that they are beginning to fall into an addiction situation.
  • Someone that may be falling into an alcohol addiction may be drinking at times that are just inappropriate. They may be drinking before work, doctors appointments, while the children are at school, or before they go to family functions. This is an indicator of addiction because of the person may be feeling a compulsive need to drink no matter what is going on.
  • They may also be neglecting their responsibilities on a day to day basis. They may begin to neglect things like personal hygiene, daily household chores, weekly errands (like grocery shopping), and even forgetting to pick the children up from school. These are the types of signs that show alcohol is starting to take a front seat in their lives.
  • Signs of withdrawals may start to appear in the mornings, or even in the middle of the night. They may have reactions to not having alcohol in their system. The signs of withdrawal can include trembling or shaking, nausea, anxiety, tiredness, or irritability.

Call Now for Help: (866) 311- 6213

Alcohol Treatment Options in Chicago

If someone you know is starting to exhibit signs like these there are places and resources that can help you. We at Serenity Placement can help you to find a great place for alcohol treatment in Chicago, Illinois. We can help you find your loved one the help that they need to get their lives back under their control and out of the shadow of an alcohol addiction.

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