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If alcoholism is a daily part of your life, you’ve probably come to the realization that the

Alcohol abuse is a danger to your health

whether or not you’re the one drinking.

get help with alcohol abuse

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Although alcohol can offer a positive effect for some people in the occasional social setting, abusing this drug, and yes it is a drug, has some of the most severe side effects of any substance on the market, illegal or otherwise.

What’s absolutely insane about alcohol abuse, be it getting buzzed one time or going down a lifelong path of a constant drunken haze, is that

it can lead to your death at any moment.

It might sound like hyperbolic nonsense, but it’s true. That stumbling and slurring associated with having a few drinks might get a laugh or two from your friends, but consuming alcohol puts you in an unreasonable amount of danger.

In fact, drinking alcohol increases your odds of a craniofacial injury at a staggering rate of over 500%.

In simpler terms,

Drinking alcohol makes you 5 times more likely to smash your face and head

even on days you’re not drinking.

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get help with alcoholism

It’s not just the drinkers at risk, though. People who have to live with an alcoholic are in constant danger, too. As noted by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, violence between people who know each other is most often prefaced with alcohol consumption – even if it’s only one person drinking.

And it’s not a rare occurrence, either. Alcohol is involved with almost

500,000 physical attacks between intimate partners annually,

and not every victim survives.

Where it gets really ugly is when the victim has no recourse. Sure, an adult significant other can theoretically just walk away from it all, but what about an alcoholic’s kids?

Having an alcoholic parent directly

increases the risk of sexual and physical child abuse.

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It doesn’t even have to be the drinking parent that commits the abuse. Predators take note that a parent is in a constant state of inebriation then take disgusting advantage of the alcoholic’s child or children.

If anyone in your family is contending with alcoholism or a constant stream of alcohol abuse, get the help you need before real, permanent damage happens. You’ll not only be helping the alcoholic -be it yourself or a loved one- regain control, you’ll be saving their life and the potential lives of anyone they interact with.


Call us today and we’ll help get you set up with a rehab center near you that works with your wants, needs, and schedule. The call is free, and everyone in your family will benefit from it.

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